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Tennis is one of the most athletic and exciting sports to play. However, it may be hard to appreciate this when you’re trying to learn how to play. New tennis players often get distracted and frustrated by their struggles to learn and end up quitting. There’s no need to let this happen. Below are some tips to help you improve your tennis skills.

Don’t Sweat Every Point

Tennis can be a frustrating game to master, and missing multiple points in a row can make you very annoyed. Don’t worry about every single point in your first few tennis games. Remember that you are simply learning and that mistakes will be made. Find a new playing partner who will understand your weaknesses and try to make you better with friendly advice.

Choosing the Right Tennis Racket

The first problem you’re likely to experience as a new tennis player is choosing the wrong type of racket. You should spend some time in a sports shop trying out different rackets. Find one that is light enough to hold for extended periods. It should also be easy to grip and swing. Try to find one that has a medium-level of tension. Later on, if you snap a string, you can adjust the tension to your swing power.

Preparing and Unwinding

Warming up and cooling down is necessary before and after every game. Why? This process helps prepare your body for action during the game and relaxation once the game is over. Light jogging and stretching your arms and legs should be good enough. During the game, take breaks between sets to drink some water or eat a small snack. These breaks will keep you in good shape during the play. Avoid eating or drinking too much, though, or you might get cramps.

Hitting Tips

When you are first starting tennis, you’re going to find yourself swinging wildly at the ball. That’s okay because you’re learning. Get to the point where you are always in a position to return the ball after a bounce. Hit at the waist level for the most control. You should also be exercising regularly to improve your stamina and foot speed. Jumping rope improves both of these skills. Make sure that you start slow, however, as skipping rope can be a very demanding activity for someone who is out of shape.

These simple tips will help you become a better tennis player. If you want to improve your steps further, consider taking lessons from a professional.