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Rafael Nadal is regarded as one of the best tennis players of all time. At age 32, Rafael Nadal has accomplished an impressive professional career in tennis and continues to win tournaments around the world. The only other male tennis player to rival Rafael Nadal is Roger Federer. This article will talk about Rafael and his career as a tennis player as well as what his accomplishments have done to help the people around him.

A Young Athlete

Rafael was born in Spain in 1986. From a very young age, Rafael began to develop his talents as a natural athlete around sports like football (soccer) and tennis. Rafael was lucky enough to have two uncles, one of which was a former professional football player, recognize his talents early on and began helping him hone his skills and entering him into local competitions. At the age of eight, Rafael won his first competition in an under-12 regional tennis championship. After his first competition win, both of his uncles looked to intensify his tennis training. In later years Rafael would go on to win more tennis competitions from the help of his uncles as well as being a full-time football player. Eventually, Rafael would choose tennis over football to continue playing and that is when Rafael began his professional career as a tennis player.


At fifteen Rafael became a professional tennis player. Over the next 17 years, Rafael would tour the world competing in top-level tennis tournaments and establishing himself as one of the best players in the game. Nadal has some famous professional rivalries in tennis that fans have enjoyed watching over the years. One of the more famous rivalries is between Nadal and Federer. Both men have been competing against each other since 2004 and have met each other on various surfaces a total of thirty-eight times. Out of the thirty-eight times Nadal and Federer have competed, Nadal takes the lead over Federer winning twenty-three out of the thirty-eight encounters. In 2008, both Federer and Nadal met each other in the Wimbledon finals. Federer came out the better player that day winning the five-set match but the game that day has been deemed the greatest tennis match of all-time by major tennis analysts.

Nadal, at age 32, continues to compete in competitions and tournaments around the world. Throughout his career, Nadal has established himself as one of, if not, the best tennis player of all-time. Nadal continues to support his home country of Spain and promotes sports and tennis to young children.