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Looking to get ready for Lacrosse season? Along with any other sport that you are wanting to participate in, there should always be a preparation period for players to get ready for the season. Lacrosse is a uniquely physical sport that requires its players to be under constant strain and motion in order to win the game. Consider using these tips to prepare your mind and your body for the upcoming Lacrosse season.

Set Goals

A large factor in ensuring that you are making the team is understanding what parts of the game you may lack in. Identify your strong and weak skills and aim to work on them throughout your training. Write down the areas of the game you need to work and seek out other players or coaches that can help you hone in on those skills. Track your progress throughout the preparation period and see how far you have come from the beginning of your practice until tryouts of the season.

Strength and Conditioning

The Offseason can make or break a player. During tryouts for the season, coaches will quickly be able to tell who has been keeping up with their skills over the offseason. To make sure that you do not fall under that category, keep up with your training during downtime from the game. Pick up your stick from time to time and run drills with a friend so you can keep your skills in check. Hit the gym regularly to stay in shape for the season and do not forget to stretch!

Attend A Convention

There is nothing like going to a convention for Lacrosse to get you motivated and inspired to start practicing again. Visit a nearby convention or camp that will allow you to view all of the newest gear for Lacrosse. This kind of exposure to the sport while surely get you back on the field ready to play.  

Stay After

During the tryouts, don’t rush out of there to get home, try staying a bit after to see if the coaches or other players while help you run drills that you may have been messing up during the day. Not only will this help you with your skills in the game but it will show the coaches that you are looking to get better and improve even during tryouts.