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Technology has become easily accessible and more prevalent in daily lives. While an increase in technology is thought to have adverse effects on health and fitness, tech companies have displayed an interest in helping users maintain and achieve workout and fitness aspirations. In fact, there are regular influxes of technological advancements that strive to help users adhere to personal and professional fitness and workout regimens with the intention of helping more consumers achieve their goals. Here are some of the most recent technologies to hit the fitness market and help users maintain healthy and active lifestyles.

Fitness Watches

Suunto 3 Fitness

Recently launched, Suunto 3 Fitness is a Finnish smart fitness watch designed specifically for those leading active lifestyles. This watch tracks steps and calories 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing summaries of daily activities. With the ability to connect to a new Suunto app, the watch can monitor and track physical activities, delivering individual training guidance. By adapting to training rhythms and fitness levels, Suunto 3 Fitness helps its users stay on track when pursuing weekly fitness and training goals.

Fitbit Versa

This recent edition of the Fitbit smartwatch is improved, featuring a battery that lasts longer than four days, providing personalized on-screen workouts, and tracking heart rate trends. With SmartTrack technology, the watch will automatically record exercises like biking, running, and more and store related data in the Fitbit app.

Fitness Apps


Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, Lifesum is an app provides specialized plans for users. From weight loss plans, to habit trackers, to healthy recipes, the app provides users with resources for healthier lifestyles. Users are able to choose from a variety of subscription levels that will enable them to look after their health.


Available via iOs, Android, and web platforms, Sworkit is an app that helps users get in shape. With guides for strength training, flexibility exercise, cardio, and more, the app provides over 50 workout programs for users with diverse workout needs and goals.

Fitness Kits

VI Trainer

Noted as one of the first Artifical Intelligence personal trainers, VI is a pair of headphones that offer more than an ergonomic design and a quality sound experience. The headphones are designed to make working out more engaging and fluid by coaching users in real-time based on user biometrics. With various training options and trackers, VI offers users personalized plans to help them achieve their fitness goals.