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For decades, countries around the globe have come together to compete in one common game and have become the most watched competition in the history of sports. The World Cup was created by the Federation Internationale de Football Association of FIFA and held the first World Cup in 1930. This article will talk about significant events that led up to the creation of the World Cup and the extensive history it has behind it.


During the Olympics every four years, there was a football tournament called the Olympic Football Tournament. The success of the Olympic Football Tournament was the start of the formation of The World Cup for FIFA. In 1932, the Olympics were set to take place in Los Angeles. Due to the unpopular opinion of football in the USA, the Olympics omitted the Football Tournament in 1932. This led to a bigger push to continue the FIFA World Cup after the success of the first World Cup.

The first World Cup took place in Uruguay in 1930. The FIFA president at the time, Jules Rimet, put together the World Cup and urged countries from all over the world to travel to Uruguay for the first World Cup. Convincing some European countries turned out to be more difficult than originally planned. In the end, a total of thirteen countries visited and competed for the World Cup in Uruguay. Among those thirteen countries were Belgium, France, Hungary, and Romania. Uruguay was a great place to hold the first World Cup series in 1930 because of the simultaneous celebration of its century-long independence the same year. Uruguay was the first host country of the World Cup, celebrated its century-long independence, and became the first country to win the World Cup.


In 1934 the World Cup was held in Italy and including a preliminary round for countries to gain access to the World Cup. a total of sixteen teams made it into the World Cup including Egypt, the first African country to join the series. The 1934 World Cup series was one of the first large sporting events that were utilized to spread a political message to the host country and others participating. Italy went on to win the 1934 World Cup, making them the first European country to win a World Cup series.

The World Cup is a celebrated game across the globe and continues to be a spectacle for all who watch and participate. The most recent winner of the World Cup was France in July 2018.