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Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Summer Olympics, known officially as the Games of the XXXII Olympiad, from July 24 to August 9. These summer Games are returning to Tokyo for the first time since their debut in 1964 and are met with considerable enthusiasm. The 1965 Games are noted as a transformative event in Japan’s history, serving to increase Japanese awareness of the outside world and contributing to Japan’s economic growth. Japanese citizens eagerly await the Summer Games’ return.

Japanese citizens, as well as Olympic volunteers, will welcome visitors and athletes with Japanese omotenashi, or hospitality. This hospitality’s intentions are rooted in the promotion of diversity. As hosts of the summer Olympics, Japan welcomes visitors and athletes of racial, gender, sexual, religious, political, and other diversities. By promoting unity for the Tokyo 2020 games, Japan will cultivate an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds will be welcomed and able to flourish among others. As a result of this unity, Japan will raise awareness of the diversity among world citizens and the showcase the power and unity gained from diversity.

Established by Tokyo’s Games Vision, Japan will use the games to contribute to positive reform by incorporating three core concepts into its events: striving for personal bests, accepting diverse others, and leaving legacies for future generations. The Games will center around personal achievement, ensuring athletes are able to recognize their personal performance. This supportive Summer Olympic environment will focus on incorporating more female participants, as well as attracting more youthful participants and spectators. The Games will feature 33 different sports, with 339 events in total.

As Japan prepares to host the events in 2020, it has begun investing in infrastructure and other developments to ensure a welcoming environment. Venues built for the 1964 Games, such as Baji Koen Park and Yoyogi National Gymnasium will be used to host events during the 2020 Games. Venues, including Tokyo National Stadium, where Opening and Closing Ceremonies and other athletics are to be held, will be completely renovated in preparation for the Olympics.

Japan, now a mature economy—unlike the Japan of the 1964 Summer Olympics—aspires to use the 2020 Games to promote and inspire change throughout the world. With its influence, Japan hopes to leave positive legacies for future generations.

The world turns an excited eye toward Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Olympics, hoping to participate in the country’s vision for personal, communal, and future excellence.